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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yep, that is me....

I do not want to take credit for writing this.  If you wrote it and sent it to me, then hit a sister up. I have been trolling my old hard drive (not the one that used and abused to the point that it literally started smoking, sparking, then caught on fire in the video editing suite at my school's library) and I have been finding several pieces that I am thinking of re-working and putting into the new book project I am working on.

This one here is a gem, an absolute gem.  I wish I could take credit for it.

We are the forgotten, the squeezed in the middle crew.  My age group had the smallest population of any group in recent history.  Yet we also have been the ones to do the most actual change.  All of the Boomers- they claimed they were creating a new way to live in the 1960-70s, only to succumb to the greed of the 1980s.  Us?  We grew up in broken families, when having AIDS was a death sentence, and the walkman was the way to listen to music.  Yet we created YouTube, Google and a host of other on-line medias that TRULY changed the world.  We teetered between the terror of the enemy, the Russians, with the Cold War and nuclear weapons, and the innocence of actually being able to ride our bikes to and from our friends homes without anyone thinking we would snatched.  The Yers?  They inherent all of this from us, as the Boomers sit smug, still not retiring, now basking in the glory of their children who can program a computer by age 5.  What are we known for?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jam for the ladies!

When I used to visit the UK, I was in awe of their amazing TV shows.  I would spend hours mesmerized by Prime Suspect, Ab/Fab and anything on the music channels (they actually show music videos here, IMAGINE!!).

Now that I live here, I constantly am FORCED to READ in the evening, as there is literally nothing on the tube. 

This of course made me think back to the extravaganza of amazing shows I grew up with.  Especially potent to my young mind was the fiesta of strong sassy ladies that 70s television offered on a regular basis.  The lassies did not use sex - though they all were super hot- to get their ways.  No, they were great role models of smart, intellectual women, DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES!  Well, they actually were always helping others who were in a pinch, but, well, sometimes the poetry must rush over us.

My newest (revisited) obsession is The Secrets of Isis.  An archaeologists- how hot is that???- stumbles upon an ancient necklace- as one does- when on a dig in Egypt.  This somehow transforms her into ALL MIGHTY ISIS!  GENIUS! 

Of course, there is then the Bionic Woman- a lady gets hurt badly WHILE SKY DIVING!  SKY DIVING!  How ballsy can one get?!?!?  She is then "fixed" by having various "bionics" placed into her, giving her super powers.  She of course uses these to help people, do good, and look for Bigfoot!  What else are you going to do with such mad skills?

Of course, I have to mention my all time most worshipped, Lynda Carter AS Wonder Woman.  Is there REALLY any other Wonder Woman?  I think not.  Now, she has a BANGING body, duh, but it is her strength, smarts and prowess which are equally highlighted throughout the show.  Whether fighting Nazis, saving her boss Steve for the millionth time from some dumb situation he has gotten himself into (oh, men!) or kicking it with her Amazon sisters, Diana Prince AKA WONDER WOMAN is seriously a force!

I think about my friends - we had these sorts of shows growing up, models, all be it all white- but still ideals of women being physically and mentally strong and sophisticated.  I look at the music, art, and movements that my generation started- everything from the indie rock scene of the 90s- Kathleen Hanna, Kim Gordon, Maureen Herman- to the Riot Grrrls- and there is a direct correlation between such strength and girls, women, believing in themselves and taking action.

I look on the sad offerings on TV now- who do our daughters, our nieces, our god children have? 

I am personally purchasing a set of the Wonder Woman DVDs for my god daughter Poparoo ASAP.